Music – Audacity skills checklist


Practise using Audacity to record your djembe sounds and a short repeating pattern. Then check off what skills you have learned. Get a fellow student (peer) to confirm you can do it.

Peer Initials

My Initials
Yes, I can do this.

Self-assessment of Audacity skills: I can do the following ...



Please check off all of the Audacity skills you know how to do.
If you are uncertain about a skill, get one of your fellow students to show you.



Required skills – You HAVE to be able to do these.
A fellow student (peer) MUST confirm you have this skill and is allowed to show you how to do it.



File management: I can open Audacity on the laptop.



File management: I can save an Audacity project to my student folder.



File management: I can export my project as a song file (Wav or MP3 format) so others can hear it.



Recording: I can record a repeating pattern.



Playback: I can record and play back a two-bar ostinato.



Solo & Mute; I can show how to solo and mute a track; and explain what each one does (how are they different?).






Option skills – These are REALLY handy skills to have. See if you can figure it out or get someone to show you.



I can create a click track (metronome).



I can normalise (maximise the loudness) of a recording.



I can show how to delete/cut a part of a track.



I can show how to delete a whole track.



I can show how to adjust the volume of a specific track.



I can show how to save an Audacity Project for editing later and explain why this does not create a published file.






Other cool skills I discovered – List any other skills you picked up or someone showed you.














This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.