Media Arts: Year 4 student illustration from the 'Multimodal Storytelling' unit – Wet and Wild Water Park, Gold Coast.

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  • Date :  Jan 24, 2013
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    Michael Dezuanni, Chief Writer
    Amanda Levido, Contributing Writer
    Lyndal O'Gorman, Contributing Writer
    Andrew Thomson, Photographer

    Chantel, Year 4, Waterford West State School.

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Media Arts

Media Arts

The package was delivered via a co-teaching model. A generalist classroom teacher's expertise was combined with the knowledge and skills of a media arts specialist teacher and a visiting visual artist. The team worked together to plan and deliver the lessons.


The generalist teacher brought specialist knowledge of the English curriculum and planning to integrate the development of the package. The media arts specialist teacher had worked regularly in the generalist teacher's class throughout the year to implement media arts and to model media arts pedagogy. This was to allow the generalist teacher to take increasing responsibility for teaching media arts. The media arts specialist teacher brought specific knowledge of the use of media production techniques using iPads to the package. The visual artist was invited to the school to teach the students specific drawing techniques. She worked with the teachers to ensure the visual arts lesson brought substantive knowledge to the visual storytelling process.

Equipment availability

This package relied on the availability of iPads, which can be used for media production as they have an inbuilt digital still camera, video camera and mixing, editing and layout capability via apps. This activity could have been completed using desktop or laptop computers and digital still cameras. Most multimedia-capable computers have freely available/low cost software to manipulate images and lay out text and sound. For instance, an ebook can be created with Powerpoint. The main cost is likely to be digital still cameras, if these are not available in the school.

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.