Media Arts: Teacher Planning – 'Multimodal Storytelling' unit

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    Model lesson sequence

Media Arts

Media Arts

The lesson plans outline four key episodes, delivered over four weeks:

  1. a 40-minute planning lesson where the students use a storyboard template to plan their ebooks
  2. a 120-minute lesson conducted by a visiting visual artist where students learn some drawing techniques to illustrate their stories
  3. a 40-minute lesson where students learn how to photograph their images and add text to their pages using Book Creator
  4. a 40-minute lesson where students learn how to record sound, then use iPads to record voices and sound effects to use in their ebooks. They also learn how to add these sounds to their ebooks.

Note: these key lessons were complemented by other classroom time for students to complete tasks started in their lessons.


This video features interviews with the Year 4 classroom teacher, the media arts specialist teacher and the visiting visual artist. They describe what they hoped students would learn from this package and the decisions they made in designing the learning episodes. A key aspect is the relationship of Media Arts to the English curriculum and other arts learning. The video also includes discussion of the specific Tools used for capturing images, recording sound, producing digital text;
and combining images, sound, and text using editing, mixing, layout, or hyperlinking techniques.
used in this package (iPads) and how they can be used as devices for learning key aspects of creative media production.

A student working on an illustration for her E-book

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.