Space: Visual arts learning can take place in a room of any size, or outdoors.

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Managing Space

Managing Space
Managing Space in Visual Arts

Visual arts can occur absolutely anywhere

How much space?

Visual arts learning can take place in a room of any size, or outdoors. However, you may wish to consider what particular features you would ideally like within your space. Many visual arts activities require A wet area is a place where it is expected that there will be wet mess, either from use of water during clean up, or from use of wet materials during art work (paint, clay, etc)., and ultimately display areas for students’ work. These areas may need to be dedicated to the visual arts event for a time, and may not be flexibly reusable while the project is in development. If display areas may not be dedicated to your class work, then photographing and displaying online can broaden the audience. The working area will probably need a nearby tap, a storage area and a washing line and pegs. Bricks and planks can also be put to good use to transform any space into a studio or gallery.

Where do I find space?

In selecting your visual arts working and display space, you will probably be able to start with your own classroom. Alternatively, if there are rooms in your school that are standing idle, then claim them. Outdoor areas are also very attractive working spaces for visual arts lessons. Display areas can be found in passages, foyers, local shopping centres, outdoors (especially for murals) and online.

Using my own classroom 

You will probably need to create a zone in your classroom for the more messy projects and direct students into the area to work in small groups. Of course, many visual arts projects can be pursued at ordinary school desks. You may need to bring some desks together to provide larger working areas for the more collaborative or large format projects.

Tailoring an area for use as a visual arts space

Some teachers have been fortunate to find undeveloped areas in their school grounds or buildings to foster a large-class visual arts project. You might be able to create a project involving the whole class to create a mural, develop some Installation art is a type of art work that is usually three dimensional (e.g. sculptures) and designed for a specific site. or portray design ideas for the space.

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