Audacity Logo and Garage Band screenshot

Music – Lesson plan BYOC – Bring Your Own Class – 6 Broome

Week 5


Students will

  1. Gain an introductory knowledge of Audacity, and demonstrate capacity to record and playback multiple tracks in order to make and respond to a short two-bar repeating Ostinato.
  2. Open, record, save and export (in MP3 format) an Audacity project.
  3. Gain an introductory knowledge of GarageBand for the iPad, specifically using the sampler instrument to sample their constructed djembe tones.
  4. Use a checklist and peer moderation to confirm Audacity and Sampler skills.
  5. Notate their invented ostinato using a basic notational method from previous lessons.

Curriculum map – Year 6

  • AC (Music) making and responding
  • Creating and sharing musical compositions
  • Understanding sound pressure, rhythm and tones
  • ICT – digital media, manipulating sounds, sampling


Lesson sequence 9–11 am (Total time: 120 mins)


Introductions (5 mins)
What do you already know about Audacity? What can it do?

Audacity recording demonstration (5 mins)

  1. Emphasise count in or using a metronome (click track)
  2. Record a track, counted in and to a click
  3. Record a second, third track - show how to line it up, balance, normalise
  4. Show how to save an Audacity project and to export a merged sound file (MP3)

Powering on Macs and Using the Touchpad: Josh Excite (5 mins)

Student Audacity recordings (20 mins)

  1. In pairs, students use Audacity to record, play back, and critique their composed ostinatos
  2. Students fill out skills checklist, and get signoff from their peer/partner
  3. Students export their ostinato as an MP3 file

Garageband mixing demonstration (25 mins)

  1. What do you already know about GarageBand? What can it do? Is it just for music?
  2. Open demo song 'Curtain Call'
  3. Orientate to track and mixer functions (solo, mute, volume, pan and FX)
  4. Have students zero volume on each track and do their own mix


Garageband sampling sounds (30 mins)

  1. Demonstrate sampler tool
  2. Have students record djembe sounds (up to eight samples i.e. eight tracks)
  3. Have them mix a repeating percussive composition (two-bar ostinato)
  4. Students fill out skills checklist and get signoff from their peer/partner
  5. Share their session with a peer or possibly class (if time permits)

Notation (15 mins)

  1. Students notate their ostinato in their work books

Possible extensions – time permitting (10 mins)

  1. Free exploration on smart instruments on iPads
  2. Practise vocal on 'Forever Young' and record it via Audacity

Closure (5 mins)

  1. Closure comments and planning for Week 6 demonstrations

This project is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.