Managing Resources – Hybrid or integrated arts resources

Hybrid or integrated arts resources

12 Canoes

This is an online interactive website that paints a portrait of the people, history, culture and place of the Yolngu people in the Northern Territory and provides a backdrop to the film 12 Canoes. The site contains videos on topics such as people and place, music and arts. The site also links to Google maps. A study guide that supports this website is available from Metro Magazine.

Asia Education Foundation

Asia Education Foundation provides support to educators to develop Asia-literate young Australians. The site contains a number of resources, including lesson plans and activities, images, books and articles, which are arranged either by country or by learning area. Topics include Asian history, civics and citizenship, languages, maths and science.

Asia Education Foundation: Travelbugs

Travelbugs is an online interactive site that engages Web 2.0 technologies to investigate other countries and cultures. Students can meet and chat online to students in China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. Students can make learning portfolios, write articles, take photos and keep diaries from their travels. The site relates to studies in humanities, civics and citizenship (levels 3–8), English and ICT. There are resources linking this resource to the Australian Curriculum.  

Australian History Timeline

This site provides general resources around themes. The site is arranged by decade, with a list of significant events in each period. Educators can access 150 film clips featuring documentaries about Australia's history, matched with selected websites from Australia's national collecting institutions. The timeline can be searched by people, place or decade.

Australian Museum

The Australian Museum provides programs for schools from F–12. The programs links to current exhibitions. Programs led by museum educators also link to work in science and technology, HSIE, ancient history, visual arts, the environment, and biology. The outreach program, Museum in a Box, deals with topics such as Australian flora and fauna, evolution, Indigenous people, rocks and minerals, and dinosaurs.

Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial (AWM) aims to assist learners in primary and secondary schools to remember, interpret and understand the Australian experience of war and its enduring impact on Australian society. The site contains links to the AWM's education programs and classroom resources, which cover themes such as ANZACs, science and war, Indigenous perspectives, and the Vietnam war. Teachers can also book Memorial boxes for their school, which contain artefacts, photographs, case studies, uniforms, a video, oral histories and teacher's notes.

Australian Screen

This general resources site provides 1,000 short clips from a range of media selected for their educational value. Teachers can search the clips using curriculum categories and themes, and access teacher's notes developed by Education Services Australia. Expert curator's notes also provide useful background information. The clips and accompanying notes can be used as stimulus materials around particular topics such as the environment, film and media, history, identity and culture, Indigenous Australia, science and technology, sport and health, the arts, values and citizenship, and war.

Barkly Regional Arts

Barkley Regional Arts provides youth arts programs in Barkley and Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. The Youth Performing Arts Program provides workshops in dance, music, theatre, digital platforms, circus and puppetry.

Beyond Empathy

Beyond Empathy is a support organisation that uses the arts to improve the lives of disadvantaged people in regional Australia. Beyond Empathy provides collaborative opportunities for educators as well as supporting artists to work with community melbourne experiencing hardship.

British Museum: Young Explorers

This site, designed for young students, promotes online interactivity. It has access to an interactive game, objects from the British Museum, videos and facts from the museum collections. Topics include ancient Egyptians, the Tudors, clocks and writing. There is an online interactive space for students to send their own work inspired by the museum's collection.

Campfire Film Foundation

Campfire is focused on school audiences. Campfire is a film resource site that networks into schools. It provides access to an online library of high quality short films directly relevant to the Australian Curriculum. Themes including civics and citizenship, English, arts and media and cross-curriculum perspectives. Fees are paid to access films.

Contact Inc

Contact Inc  Queensland is a support organisation that creatively collaborates with artists, community members and civic institutions to address issues with a focus on communities affected by social problems. The organisation runs workshops in leadership, dance, group facilitation and singing. There are also opportunities for educators to collaborate.

Footscray Community Arts Centre

Footscray Community Arts Centre offers the Victorian community with a range of programs and services. The organisation provides professional artist-tutors, and a series of workshops for kids, including circus, music and animation.

Film Australia Digital Learning: Australians at Work

Film Australia Digital Learning, on its Australian at Work site, provides free video clips and curriculum based student materials for teachers and students. The video clips show Australians at work in a wide variety of contexts. Each clip is accompanied by a number of lesson plans and study modules that include key concepts, background information, discussion pointers and suggested classroom activities.

Information and Cultural Exchange

Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) is a support organisation that creates an environment for creative collaboration and cultural production by facilitating skills-development programs for members of the community. ICE offers collaborative opportunities for educators as well as training and workshops for students and educators, artists, youth and migrants in a variety of arts forms, including digital storytelling, short and feature film production, and music.

Katherine Regional Arts Inc.

Katherine Regional Arts Inc. works cooperatively with local, Northern Territory and national organisations and artists to develop and support artists and community arts activities. The site contains a list of events, workshops and links to the film festival society. Workshops cover topics as diverse as African drumming, weaving, fire twirling, panting and mosaics.

Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

The Education staff at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory provide educational services for schools, teachers and the general public. Site visits to the museum include floor talks and senior study days. Topics include Indigenous art, visual art and the environment.

Museum Victoria

Museum Victoria offers programs for schools and linked online resources. Education programs relate to exhibitions at the Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks and the Immigration Museum. Teaching packs with lesson plans and activities to complement the exhibitions are provided. Programs link to subjects as diverse as immigration, Indigenous Australia, history, earth sciences, design, drama and media arts, the environment and flora and fauna.

National Film and Sound Archive: Kahootz 3 Discovery Quest

Kahootz 3 Discovery Quest is an online interactive game that allows students to collect documentary photographs and place them in a suitcase. Students can explore the Great Barrier Reef, retrace Douglas Mawson's Antarctic expedition, or join Captain Cook's Pacific voyage using the example fact finding, game and quiz Xpressions.

National Film and Sound Archive: Screen Asia

The National Film and Sound Archive supports the developlment of Asia literacy at is Screen Asia site. Teaching activities in the resources apply to English and the humanities, as well as cross-curriculum perspectives. Topics include the Vietnam War, adoption and cultural identity.

National Film and Sound Archive: Tag Cloud

This series of online resources around themes links to the digital images, videos and lesson plans in the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA).  Over 50 'tags' or keywords link to resources on Australian historical representation, creativity, language, media, identity, icons, image, environment and economy, along with many more.

National Library of Australia: Trove

The National Library of Australia (NLA) provides educators with an online interactive archive of searchable materials related to Australian history, culture and society. These include digitised newspaper from 1803–1955, Australian Women’s Weekly to 1982, journal articles, books, music, sound, videos, maps, diaries, letters, archived websites, people and organisations and lists. These materials invite imaginative engagement from educators and students alike. 

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts: VoiceThread

The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts houses an extensive range of archival collections related to the performing arts. The VoiceThread Project is a resource for the creation of collaborative, multimedia slideshows that utilise images available in the database. Students can explore a topic through images, videos and comments. Topics are as diverse as immigration, gardens, wonders of the ancient world, libraries and music.

Northern Territory Library: Online Exhibitions

This collection of general online resources around a theme offers educators images and historical information from the Northern Territory Library (NTL) on Territory-related historical events such as Cyclone Tracy, the bombing of Darwin, the ANZACs, Northern Territory families, as well as an exhibition of students' artwork on what it means to live in the Territory.

Propel Youth Arts

This site provides educators with links to national and state government bodies, peak bodies for youth and the arts, national youth and cultural development organisations, multi-disciplinary arts, dance and circus, theatre, music, film and radio, visual arts, writing, festivals and competitions and youth services. Propel Arts also provides educators with toolkits on evaluating youth arts project, Indigenous protocol, youth arts best practice and youth art projects guides.

Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum provides programs for schools and online interactive resources. Educators can book tours with linking education resources to the Queensland Museum, Sciencentre, Rail Museum, Cobb and Co Museum and the Museum of Tropical Queensland. Online resources include interactive games, quizzes and videos on biodiversity and the Great Barrier Reef, and studying and identifying insects in 'Wild Backyards'.

REmida WA

REmida WA provides programs for schools focused on sustainability education. The organisation collects industrial discards and makes these materials available to schools, alongside workshops for teachers and schools on how to use recycled resources in the classroom.

Roar Film: e-learning

Roar e-learning produces online interactive education projects across a variety of media. Activities include: No bullying here; Us Online, which teaches students about good citizenship; budd:e, which teachers primary and high school students about online security; and European Voyages to the Australian Continent.


This is a multi-art form support organisation that focuses on contemporary art for under 25s. Shopfront is based in south-east Sydney and provides collaborative opportunities for educators as well as programs for young people. Shopfront also runs an outreach program.

South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum provides programs for schools and online resources. Educators can access self-guided tours or contact the education officer to discuss tailored programs. Online topics and activities relate to exploring the museum, Aboriginal cultures, biodiversity, Pacific cultures, fossils and ancient Egyptians.

Sydney Opera House: House: Ed

The Sydney Opera House education program for schools offers curriculum-linked programs, including performances, digital excursions and workshops for primary and secondary schools. Content for the digital excursions can be found online, and can be integrated into drama, English, science and technology. Programs link to organisations such as Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Dance Company and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Smithsonian Institute

The Smithsonian Institute provides general resources and lesson plans around a theme. The Smithsonian also holds regular online events with topics related to art and design, science and technology, history and culture and language arts. Lesson plans identify appropriate age groups.

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) provides programs for schools with lesson plans and worksheets. The TMAG also provides an outreach program that includes professional enrichment for educators and workshops for students. The learning resources focus on Tasmanian Aboriginal people, Antarctic, Sub-Antarctic Islands and the Southern Ocean and Tasmanian flora and fauna. The Gallery's YouTube channel features arts and cultural videos related to the collections.

Tutti Arts

Tutti Arts is a support organisation based in Adelaide that provides programs designed to bring people together through the arts without disability or disadvantage getting in the way. Both disabled and nondisabled children and adults can participate in programs.

Victoria and Albert Museum: V&A Learning

The Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum site provides general resources around themes divided into content appropriate for primary and secondary school students and adult learners. There are links to events and workshops as well as learning resources centred on topics as diverse as architecture, Buddhism, conservation, drawing, fashion, Japanese art, adornment, sculptures and textiles.

Western Australian Museum

Western Australian Museum provides a range of facilitated programs for all band levels and in a range of geographical locations – Perth, Albany, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Education officers are available to support school visits and self-guided tours are also available. Teacher resource kits are available for significant exhibitions.

Western Edge Youth Arts Inc.

Western Edge Youth Arts Inc. (WEYA) provides programs for schools using drama-based workshops that also incorporate other art forms. Themes explored include Australian history, Roman history, Homer’s Iliad, Shakespeare, African folk stories, global poverty, the Stolen Generations, East Timor, refugee stories, and Ursula Le Guin’s Earthsea Trilogy. Resources also include a script bank of student works that educators can access and use.

Zoos Victoria: Act Wild

This site contains video, images, online forums, teacher resources and wildlife activist activities to support learning about animals and the environment, and which can be developed for arts-led teaching.

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